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Dark Roast Coffee
Dark Roast Coffee
Dark Roast Coffee
Dark Roast Coffee
Dark Roast Coffee

Dark Roast Coffee

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Product Description

Named in memory of a dear friend and fellow laborer on the mission field, Bryan Schiltz.  Bryan was a wonderful friend, husband, father and most importantly, a man of great faith.  Profits from the sale of Bryan's Blend will go directly to support the relief of those most in need in an area that was important to him, Native American Ministry. 


Bryan's Blend is a Dark Roast that is perfect for a cold day, a night outdoors or anytime you want a rich dark roasted cup of amazing coffee. It is a combination of two beans that are ethically sourced and rich in natural sugars and can sustain a dark roast without becoming bitter. This smooth bold blend features notes of spices, fruit, and dark chocolate.  The two beans are from Papua New Guinea and Ethiopia.  Support the work today and taste the best Dark Roast you've ever had!





Our Roasting Process

  • Suspend the beans by roasting them on a bed of hot air called the fluid bed (the fluid bed is a vortex inside of the roasting chamber.  The vortex allows each individual bean to be roasted evenly and to perfection.)
  • When the coffee beans pop and crack during air roasting, a skin on the beans called the chaff is blown away from the beans and into a separate chamber (this is important because if the chaff stayed on, it would burn and smoke, giving the coffee a somewhat bitter, smoky flavor that would mask the natural flavor of the specific bean)
  • The heat of air roasting is evenly distributed throughout the entire batch of coffee beans
  • Once the desired roast level is reached, digital controls cut off the heat source and trigger a cooling process

Coffee With a Mission

Chris and Angie Carey are the proud owners of Bristol Blends Coffee and Teas, located in the Black Hills of South Dakota.  The Carey's moved to South Dakota from Minneapolis in 2014 in order to serve the Oglala Lakota Sioux people in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.  Since then, the Carey's have helped lead a church in Pine Ridge Village where they taught Sunday School, worked with teens at Pine Ridge High School as well as helped meet the needs of single moms and families in need. 


Bristol Blends Coffee and Teas was started as a way for our family to remain serving this beautiful community of people.  Every dollar generated from our company helps support our family on the mission field.  We understand that many companies sell "coffee", but few can match the unique flavors of our beans all while helping support a worthy cause!

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